Bride’s Corner

purseA Bridal Show is a one-stop shopping experience where you and your entire bridal party can walk along aisles and aisles of the area’s best wedding products and services in one convenient location. Experts, owners and managers from Dallas and Ft. Worth’s top wedding merchants are on hand to answer all of your important planning questions. Participating vendors create lavish exhibit displays showcasing their products so that you can easily see everything they have to offer for your wedding.

From food to flowers, dresses and DJs, from rings and registries, to Limos and Honeymoons, you’ll find it all in one location at one of our bridal shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Our Bridal Shows allows you and your entire bridal party to sample wedding cake, hear music, meet wedding photographers, hold flowers, sit in a limousine, and see the latest in bridal fashions that everyone is talking about! So whether your choose to attend one of our bridal shows in Plano, Arlington, Hurst, Ft. Worth, or Dallas,  you know you will be connecting with the best wedding professionals in the metroplex!


Bridal Show Tips

Whether this is your first Bridal Show or you’re a seasoned veteran, the following tips will help make your experience both fun and productive. This guide will make sure you have all the tools necessary for a successful show!

  • Establish your wedding budget

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  • Order your tickets online

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  • Bring decision makers with you

    For example, your fiancé, parents, or maid-of-honor. No matter how big or small the decision is, a second opinion can be valuable.

    Think twice about bringing small children. They are sure to tire quickly!

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

    This is a day to relax and enjoy yourself. Walking the show floor and standing for long periods of time can be exhausting, especially if your feet begin to hurt. You don’t want to miss any area of our show, so make sure you are comfortable.

  • Send a friend

    If you can’t attend personally, consider sending your mom, maid-of-honor, or fiance in your place. They can collect information, brochures, and business cards from all the exhibitors for you look at.

  • Plan on booking

    Most vendors will offer show specials and “book-today” discounts. Many of them book up months in advance, so plan on placing a deposit or making a follow-up appointment with your first-choice business.

  • Bring self-addressed labels

    One of the most popular offerings our vendors provide is a chance to win products and services at their particular booth. You may have to write your name and address dozens of times. Having a pre-addressed label makes this process quick and simple.

    Include your name, address, e-mail, phone number, and wedding date.

  • Don’t forget your calendar

    Whether you keep your appointments in a special wedding book or simply use a smart phone, make sure your calendar is available. Many vendors will want to set an appointment with you, and it is very hard to book a date if you don’t know your schedule for that particular day.

  • Have a pen and paper with you

    Jot notes on the exhibitors’ literature to help you recall important details later. This can also be a valuable tool in remembering who your favorite vendors are. And be sure to ask LOTS of questions!

  • Collect information from everyone

    Pick up business cards and brochures from all the vendors you might be interested in using. By collecting their sales pamphlets, you will have a ready resource for organizing vendors and their services when you get home. Be sure to visit their websites for additional information.

    Bring a bag or backpack to hold all the literature and freebies.

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